Transportation Division

The Transportation Division oversees major county road and bridge construction and improvement projects, prepares the annual LMIG list of resurfacing needs, and keeps the County Road Improvement Program updated.

This division also issues driveway, utility, and timber harvest permits, performs preliminary and final plan and field reviews regarding new roads for county acceptance, performs traffic studies, and assists in updating the county's roadway speed limits for radar permit purposes.

Additionally, the division maintains the operation of traffic signals on county roads, participates in the development of internal construction plans, and coordinates with the Road and Bridges Division for in-house work. The staff also maintains roadway mileage and inventory and the county's sidewalk inventory.

The division also manages the subdivision streetlight program and responds to citizen complaints regarding traffic safety issues.

Department Administration Stats

  • Full-Time Employees: 3
  • FY 2021 Budget: $590,699

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