Roads & Bridges

The Roads and Bridges Division, under the supervision of the Public Works Director, maintains and repairs 430.34 miles of paved roads, 36.43 miles of unpaved roads, 25 bridge structures, 50 bridge culverts, 45 miles of concrete sidewalks, 300 miles of concrete curb and gutter, and 95 miles of storm drain pipe in the unincorporated area of the county. This department also mows all county road right-of-ways, maintains ditches, replaces driveway culvert pipes, trim trees, installs traffic signs, assists the Storm Water Utility with their maintenance projects, and conducts in-house projects including paving short lengths of roads and parking areas.

The Fleet Maintenance Division has been combined with the Roads and Bridges Division.

Department Administration Stats

  • Full-Time Employees: 20
  • FY 2021 Budget: $2,701,140