Current Employees

The following are a variety of commonly requested documents from Human Resources. Any documents that are available for download please forward the completed forms via interoffice mail, email, or fax back to the attention of Kristi Carey or Michelle Thrasher.

If you have questions please email us, Kristi Carey or Michelle Thrasher.

Commonly Requested Benefits Information

Section 125 Plan Pre-Tax Deductions of Premiums -Health, dental, and vision insurance premiums are all deducted (if you have elected deductions) from your pay on a pre-tax basis (exempt from FICA, Federal and State tax) which in turn provides significant cost savings. This will continue and does not require any action on your part unless you desire to make changes. You will be able to make changes to any of your elections during the open enrollment period. Your selections cannot be changed until next year unless the revocation and new elections are due to and consistent with a valid status change (e.g. marriage, divorce, death of a spouse or child, birth or adoption of a child, or change of employment of your spouse and detailed in the Section 125 Regulations) If you have a status change during the year you must notify Human Resources within 30 days. Any request to make changes after 30 days will not be allowed until the next annual open enrollment. Please contact Michelle Thrasher or anyone in the Human Resources Department.

The following change form must be accompanied with proof of qualifying event: Insurance Change Form

Example of Proof of qualifying event documents:

  • Birth-Certificate of Live Birth (given by the Hospital and sent home with baby)
  • Marriage-Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce-Finalized Divorce Decree
  • Death of Spouse or Child-Death Certificate
  • Change of Employment of Spouse Loss of Coverage or Obtaining Coverage-Paperwork from Spouse HR Department showing the effective date of loss or coverage