Magistrate Court

The Chief Magistrate of the Magistrate Court is elected by the voters for four-year terms. The Magistrate Court has criminal and civil jurisdictions. The criminal jurisdiction's responsibilities include issuing arrest and search warrants as well as good behavior bonds, conducting first appearances, setting bonds, extradition, committal, and warrant application hearings, presiding over and conducting trials for county ordinance violations, misdemeanor bad check, criminal trespass, alcohol beverage violations involving persons under 21 years of age, shoplifting, and possession of marijuana less than one ounce. The civil jurisdiction's responsibilities include the trial and adjudication of civil claims for $15,000 or less, dispossessory and distress warrant proceedings, abandonment of motor vehicles, foreclosures, and garnishments.

Department Stats

  • Full-Time Employees: 5
  • Part-Time Employees: 2
  • FY 2021 Budget: $450,446