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Effective 8/17/07 Barrow County is declaring a Level 4 Drought Condition for Barrow County and/or Barrow County Water & Sewerage Authority Customers.

Due to extenuating drought conditions and the effort needed for conservation, Barrow County is taking action to ensure customers will have an adequate supply of potable water.

All outdoor water usage is prohibited.  Inquiries may be made at the Barrow County Water & Sewerage Authority at 770-307-3014.

Violators are subject to fines and disconnection of service.


The goal of the Barrow County Water Authority is to provide safe, reliable water supply to all of our customers  the time at a reasonable cost.  As the vital role in the growth and economic activities of the county within our water service areas, we provide water at a rate of flow and of sufficient pressure to make it possible to provide fire protection to protect homes and lives.  The water infrastructure is in place to for growth coming to the county.
The Barrow County Water and Sewerage Authority was created in 1987 to serve the Northwest portion of Barrow County with water supplied by Gwinnett County.  Now the Authority has 3 service areas and is primarily supplied water from the Barrow County Bear Creek project.
In 1994 and 1996, a major water line expansion projects were constructed to provide water service to most of the authority service areas.
Also, in 1996 there were two 300,000 gallon storage tanks constructed to provide consistent system pressure.  In 2003, additional projects included an expansion of a water line from Cosby Road to Pleasant Hill Church Road to improve connectivity between the Northeastern and Southeastern service areas.
The customer base for the Authority in 2000 was approximately 1600 customer connections. In January of 2006, more 3750 customer are serviced by the retail water system installed and maintained by the Authority.   In 2003 and 2004 more than 500 new connections were made each year to the water supply system of the Authority.  Planning of the system considers 500 connections every year for the next five years.  The number of yearly connections could easily increase to 700 each year with expected growth.
The Water Authority personnel operates the Barrow County Transmission line from the Bear Creek Reservoir to the wholesale customers in Barrow County among which are: Barrow County Water Authority, City of Winder, City of Auburn, Town of Braselton and the City of Statham. Transmission line water usage has reached approximately 1.4 million gallons per day, which is 15.5 percent of the County’s available capacity in the Bear Creek Reservoir

During 2005 the follow activities involved the Authority:

  • Approved ten (10) subdivisions with a total of 410 lots.
  • Purchased four (4) additional automatic flushers to assure fresh water for our customers.
  • Purchased one new truck and one new automobile for staff use.   
  • Added 670 new customers.
  • Completed a Water Conservation Plan Book, an Emergency Response Plan Book and a Water System Standard Operations Procedures Book with the help of Jordan Jones, and Goulding Engineering.

In FY 2006 we will:

  • Complete a new connection to the 24” Transmission Line at Bethlehem Church Road to bring more water at a greater pressure to Manning Gin Road and Yearwood Road.
  • Upgrade our minimum standards manual for all developers, builders and home owners.
  • We will complete a map project for our water service area that will show all water lines, their size. It will locate each fire hydrant and water valve that helps us isolate parts of the system in cases of main breaks.
  • We are in the process of converting our entire inventory of installed water meters to Radio Read meters to get more accurate readings and lessen the time required to do our monthly readings



Myron Garrett
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