Keep Barrow Beautiful

It is the mission of Keep Barrow Beautiful to promote our community's quality of life through programs including solid waste management, beautification, natural resource education, community stewardship, recycling, and other events which enhance citizen's everyday life.


  • To reach every new and established citizen with comprehensive information and involvement which will enhance their experience as members of Barrow County society
  • Establish a routine teaching environment with the Barrow County School System to teach and promote more environmental education.
  • Promote water education and awareness for all citizens in form of Adopt-A-Stream, storm water education and storm drain stenciling programs.
  • Work with the Mater Gardening and 4-H programs through the County Extension program to promote special programs for every season of the year.

2006 proves to be the year of increased awareness of the amount of roadside litter we are encountering as the county population continues to rise. The solid waste needs of our citizens are changing and careful planning of our future garbage disposal is being reviewed.. Curbside garbage service and recycling options are increasing with new haulers wanting to service citizens and controls ensuring proper safety and service are scrutinized.

Keep Barrow Beautiful Executive Committee members meet monthly to give guidance and clarity to our mission. With members representing all 6 districts and one at-large position, a wonderful cross-section of Barrow County is represented.. Valuable members consist of engineers, real estate professionals, master gardeners, school teachers and arborists. Our volunteer base continues to grow as we work closer with school children and local industry.

RiversAlive continues to be a popular program for school children, getting them in involved with increasing water concerns in our community. Computer and Electronics recycling continues to be hot as over 18,000 pounds were collected at our first recycling event alone! April 5-6 and 7 th Recycling event will feature the annual Great American Clean Up and the theme is CLEAN HOME~CLEAN WATER. The program features teamwork with the City of Winder, City of Statham and City of Auburn. Collection at the Administrative Annex will include Computers, Batteries, Cell phones, Mercury Thermometers, Latex Paint, Junk, Scrap metal and Tires. A great and productive time will be had by all!

Need To Know Where To Recycle

Tired of that pile of Sunday paper taking up room in the garage? Still have phone books from the 90's? Take them to one of the many Recycling Drops located around Barrow County. Click on link below for a list.

Simple Pleasures

Traveling through Barrow County these days will show that rapid development is changing the landscape quite a bit. For those enamoured with the older, bucolic farms, Barrow citizens can find reminders of quieter times with scenes like these at the Stallings farm in Auburn. Ancient roses hold their ground against bush hogs and farm animals to grace the roadside landscape. Life's simple pleasures are the best!

The Great American Clean Up 2006

Keep Barrow Beautiful teamed up with Cities and Service Organizations to make this year’s Great American Clean Up the best yet. Thanks go out to the City of Winder Street Department and Code Enforcement for their hands-on effort to rid households of unwanted junk, scrap tires, paint, batteries, metal, cooking oil, computers and motor oil.

Click the Link below to view the totals

Yard Of The Month
One of the many programs of Keep Barrow Beautiful is the Yard of the Month Contest featuring subdivisions with an active homeowners association.  This fun monthly competition is to foster community pride and is judged by members of the Keep Barrow Beautiful committee.  One of the best parts of our program is showing off our citizens who work hard to make our county look better.  This contest is open to all communities willing to participate and promote this contest through newsletters and association meetings.  It allows us great satisfaction to say thanks for all the hard work we see our conscientious citizens tackling!

Arbor Day At Local Schools

Many of Barrow County's students helped KBB in celebrating Arbor Day. They all helped out by doing their part to Keep Barrow Beautiful! Click the image to view the pictures








Help Get The Word Out.
Our roads are looking really bad right now, and I am working to get a community service roadside pick up developed for the weekend for county roads.
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