The role of the Financial Office is to oversee the financial activities of the county, ensure that all departments and elected offices operate within the limits of the approved budget and provide accountability to the citizens for funds expended.

Financial Highlights

  • The assets of Barrow County exceeded its liabilities at September 30, 2012 by $83,529,591 (net assets). Of this amount, $8,590,313 (unrestricted net assets) may be used to meet the Countys ongoing obligations to citizens and creditors.
  • As of September 30, 2012, Barrow Countys governmental funds reported combined ending fund balances of $31,330,099 an increase of $5,537,122 or 21.5 % from the previous fiscal year. The majority of this increase was due to cash proceeds received of $5,200,000 in relation to two new capital leases entered into by the County.
  • The General Fund reported an unassigned fund balance of $7,004,412 or 20.4% of total General Fund expenditures. Based on FY2012 general fund expenditures, the Countys reserve balance will cover 2.67 months of General Fund operating expenditures.
  • The net change in the General Fund balance for this fiscal year is an increase of $3,085,701.



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