Board of Elections and Registration

It is the responsibility of the Board of Elections and Registration to serve as Barrow County’s Election Superintendent and Board of Registrars. The five member Board (two appointees from the Republican Party, two appointees from the Democratic Party, and one appointee from the Chief Judge of the Superior Court) is required by State Law to meet once a month. The Board is not responsible for setting office policy, but is responsible for the duties it must accomplish as the Election Superintendent and the Board of Registrars.
Office duties are performed by three full time county employees. This staff is charged with fulfilling all responsibilities of the voter registration and election process. This includes, but is not limited to: promoting voter education; maintaining an accurate list of voters by processing voter registration applications and deleting records; providing fair and impartial service to candidates and citizens; supplying the Board with the information needed to fulfill its duties; and conducting each election in an efficient and legal manner using both State and Federal Laws as a guideline.


Secretary of State’s web site

The Georgia Secretary of State’s web site contains information that can be very helpful to concerned citizens and voters. Among other useful items, a voter registration application as well as an application for an absentee ballot can be downloaded from this site. www.sos.state.ga.us



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